Dragon + and Dragonfire!

The latest issue of Dragon + includes the very first digital Dragonfire Adventure! The Warlocks’s Crypt is a Level 2 Adventure that any player of Dragonfire can enjoy right now!

    The Winding Waters are blocked, and you put your boats ashore…only to realize to your horror you’ve stumbled near the Warlock’s Crypt! Can you make it past the spell webs to escape?

You can grab the issue for iOS or for Android.

However, if you’ve played through and read the fiction from Adventure Pack: Chaos in the Trollclaws, the Warlock’s Crypt also includes the usual Prologue/Epilogue of fiction as well. It ties into the Epilogue of Chaos in the Trollclaws, while offering a hint of what is to come in our next Adventure Pack: Sea of Swords, available soon!

So grab a great new Adventure to play for Dragonfire, and get a great pile of other D&D content along the way!



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